Finance and Impact

Department Success Stories

In the past two years, more than five guests were able to attain permanent housing, and some were provided housing vouchers/and or rental assistance. During this time, another guest attained employment at UCC and was also able to find permanent housing. Additionally, one guest was able to obtain senior housing and various resources.

Fulton Street Emergency Shelter

One HPRP client came to UCC with a warrant of removal and was dealing with an abusive situation and was suicidal. This client had no income as she received her last unemployment check. Housing Assistance staff were able to provide case management and walk her through many goals after which she became gainfully employed after moving into her new apartment. She was phased out of the program as her income was above the guidelines. The client was referred to another DCA program; however, she decided she was not going to apply for it as she felt accomplished; she felt secure and happy to be in a better head space.

Housing Assistance

Making homes safer for residents has had a positive impact on our clients, including Linda Alemar. Linda was happy and thankful with everything that was done inside and outside her home, especially with Mr. Cifuentes and Joanna who went above and beyond helping her and her tenants applying for the lead program, especially since there were four children living in the residence. The contractor did a fantastic job, and now all three units in her home are free of lead.

Lead Abatement
One client, Althea Haynes,  came to the Energy Assistance department in May with a $27,000 PSE&G bill. The client did not respond for a while but then came back to the department in December with her bill now being $34,000. The client stated that she was not sure why the bill was so high and only purchased the home in 2019. An email was then sent to the Supervisor of Operation at PSE&G to investigate this case.
The investigation found an issue at the client's home, and PSE&G lowered the client's bill to $16,000. Vallejo also processed her application, and she received more benefits from the energy program. With the outstanding balance after receiving her benefits, the client was able to make a payment agreement which was quite affordable for her. The client had no words to express her deep gratitude for receiving help from UCC.
Utility Assistance
One YouthBuild student, Kitana, enrolled in the program in September 2021 after recently graduating high school. At the time of enrollment, Kitana did not believe that college was the right choice for her. Fast forward, Kitana completed UCC’s YouthBuild program by obtaining both her Chair Side Dental Assistant Certification and her Dental Technician Certification. 
Since completing UCC YouthBuild, Kitana has also earned her Dental Radiology Certification and enrolled at Essex County Community College to receive her associate degree in computer science. She began her internship at Lotus Smiles in Jersey City while enrolled at YouthBuild and became employed with the company full-time.

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