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2022-2023 Afterschool Enrollment Form

Youth in Newark face particularly acute challenges. Just 78% of students graduate from high school, and students are often not adequately trained to enter the workforce. There is a pressing need for quality comprehensive programs that provide young people with academic support, career exposure and preparation, and positive recreational activities in a safe and secure environment is clear.

United Community Corporation (UCC) provides summer camp and after-school programs to more than 300 children and families. UCC’s Project 21 After-school program provides academic support, career exploration and recreational activities in a fun but structured after-school environment at West Side Park Community Center, Waterfront Community Center, South 17th Street School, Hawthorne Avenue School, and Harriet Tubman Elementary School. The summer camp and after-school program includes trips, academic and recreational programming and much more. UCC's West Side Park site offers; Well run and enriching after school programs in a safe secure environment, vibrant summer camp for children includes weekly outings and a camping trip and a wide range of facilities at Westside Park includes outdoor tennis, playgrounds, track, basketball court, a gymnasium and dance studio.

In addition, UCC runs West Side Park Community Center which is used for community events and programs, open gym and much more.

WSP Community Center

(Temporarily Closed as of November 7, 2021)

Programs are operating at temporary locations.

Current Location

56 19th Avenue

Newark, NJ 07103



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UCC's Entrepreneurship Workshop Series: Be Your Own Boss

Our purpose is to build entrepreneurial mindsets among the youths for creativity, innovation and self-reliance. The program will consist of business workshops, hands- on business planning and end-of-program project.

For More Information, contact: | 973-642-0181 ext 5651


S.T.E.A.M Program

United Community Corporation’s S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) program was made eligible by funding through a grant from the NJ Office of Faith Based Initiatives as well as programming support from the Arman Roy Foundation. This program was created with the goal of providing students with a better understanding of the S.T.E.A.M. field that will prepare them for 21st Century learning and careers. It began in December of 2019 and operated nearly through all of 2020 - with a break from October-November for reprogramming.

Over 60 S.T.E.A.M. classes were held virtually, hybrid and in-person reaching over 40 students during 2020. Programming was provided by UCC’s S.T.E.A.M. instructors as well as from the Montclair Learning Center, Women of Wellness and Arts for Kids.


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Community Based Violence Intervention Program (CBVI)


The Community Based Violence Intervention Program began in March 2022. The program is designed to provide services to youth between the ages of 16-26. Our main focus is on violence and assisting those that were convicted of violence, victims of violence and those that are considered at risk of being involved with violence. CBVI conducts workshops on different forms of violence including:

  • Gang Violence
  • School Violence
  • Victims of Crime
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Elderly Abuse
  • Violence in the LGBQT Community

Different events are coordinated to boost self-confidence, educate participants, and build bonds while interacting with professionals that the youth can emulate. The team creates workshops and activities to give the youth a change in their routine and an enjoyable means to distract from life’s stresses.This program uplifts youth and families to avoid violence and poverty that consumes their well-being.


Community and Family Empowerment Program

UCC’s Community and Family Empowerment Program aims to effectively engage families about the services available to their children, connect families to a network of community programs, agencies, and services that support and empower parents in advocating for their children, and aid families in maneuvering the Juvenile Justice System reform efforts. 

UCC has provided services for at-risk individuals & families since 1964, which extended to providing specialized programming and support to those involved in the Juvenile Justice System.  Our current services for youth include academic support, homework assistance, mentoring, entrepreneurial education, STEAM programming, career exposure, a job training and preparedness program, and recreational activities. Our services allow us to identify and nurture the youth that are most susceptible to juvenile delinquency behaviors and redirect them towards wholesome, productive and community-building activities. 

The goal of UCC’s Community and Family Empowerment Program is to address the needs of the youth and families involved in the Juvenile Justice System in Essex County by providing an increased level of family engagement and community support while decreasing the recidivism rate in Essex County Juvenile Justice System.   

United Community Corporation

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