Victims Assistance Program

The United Community Corporation's VAP (Victims Assistance Program) assists those members of our community with supportive services which include; intensive case management, food package needs, clothing,  counseling needs.
The VAP meets the needs of crime victims and assists the public through in-house and referral services to other non-profit agencies, legal support, and primary healthcare providers. In order to ensure that the crime victim is treated with fairness, compassion, and respect by the criminal justice system to prevent secondary victimization by the system.
CASE MANAGEMENT services provided by credentialed counselors/case managers. Based on a comprehensive assessment of need, our approach is to connect them to the broad array of available internal and external services.

SHORT INDIVIDUAL / FAMILY COUNSELING provided by counselors/case managersto individuals and families to help them understand and address the grief and trauma they have experienced.

SUPPORT GROUPS facilitated by counselors/case managers, will allow for emotional and social support, and provide a safe space where clients can explore and understand the highly-charged feelings that often accompany victimization. By meeting and interacting with others in similar circumstances, clients may develop a supportive peer network.


Our shelter (located at 31 Fulton Street in Newark) is a vital survival resource for those who would otherwise have nowhere to go. We provide short-term placement for 64 adults, 7 days a week/365 days per year. We offer guests a locker for belongings, a bed, clean linens, shower facilities, dinner and breakfast.


We help clients identify other services, make the necessary referrals and help them coordinate services, and follow up to ensure they receive needed assistance, especially when services require the intervention of multiple systems and cross-system coordination.
Internally, clients have access to free transportation assistance in our passenger vans; youth, family, and senior education and enrichment programs; and workforce development programming.
Clients may access our Food Pantry for non-perishable items (UCC receives donations of food and makes its purchases through the Food Bank of NJ) and our free clothing closet.
Connections outside the agency may include housing assistance, healthcare, (provided by our partner, St. James Health) substance abuse treatment services (provided by our partner, Answers Moving Forward Supportive Services), and legal services (provide by our partner, Essex County Legal Aid Association)

Fulton Street Emergency Shelter


31 Fulton Street

Newark, NJ 07102


Due to COVID-19, The Emergency Shelter is currently operating 24/7

Our services have been expanded to include a drop-in day program
Monday -Friday (8am – 4pm)

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