Board of Directors 

John J. Jewell

Board Chair

Houston Stevens

Vice Chair

Diane Green


Samuel C. Arnold


Dr. E. Asyah Aquil


Melissa Prashad


Mark Perry, CPA


Everett Johnson, Esq.


Blanca Lopez


Executive Team

Craig Mainor, Executive Director

Sarah Allen, Executive Administrative Assistant


Andrea Melancon, Associate Executive Director

Julia Ochoa, Director of Finance 

Lisa Blaine, Human Resources 

Alena Minatee, Director of Community Engagement 

Ahyshia Faines, Grant Manager

Myles Varley, Special Programs Support and Advisor 

Program Leadership

Jacqueline Henry, Senior Director of Youth Education & Employment
Tasmeya Hall, YouthBuild Program Director
Nicole Guzman, Senior Director of Weatherization
Latonya Easterling, Director of Housing Assistance
Yolanda Loney, Senior Director of Youth Family & Senior Services
Joanna Farfan, Director of Lead Safe Program
Patricia Vallejo, Director of Utility Assistance
Maria Torres, Director of Food & Clothing Assistance
Cathy Ibarrondo, Director of Mobile Outreach
Cathy Booker, Director of Emergency Services
Carmella Hutson, Director of Hope Village I
Jelani Addison, Director of Hope Village II

United Community Corporation

"Moving people from dependency to self-sufficiency"