Cutting Through Violence

In the heart of the communities UCC serves, the battle against violence is waged daily. However, amidst the challenges, there shines a beacon of hope in the form of the UCC’s Youth, Family and Senior Services' Community-based Violence Intervention program, which recently hosted a transformative "Cutting Through Violence" event. The event invited youth to not only be treated to fresh haircuts but also empowered them with essential tools to address and navigate through violence in their lives. As the buzz of clippers echoed through the room, conversations flowed freely, fostering a supportive environment where participants could openly discuss their experiences and concerns regarding violence.

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At its core, "Cutting Through Violence" served as a platform for youth to gain valuable insights and strategies to tackle violence in their daily lives. Topics ranged from conflict resolution techniques to understanding the root causes of violence within communities. By allowing each attendee to share their stories of resilience and overcoming adversity, the event helped inspire hope and instill a sense of togetherness within the younger generation.
Furthermore, the event served as a catalyst for building a stronger sense of community and support networks. Beyond receiving haircuts and attending workshops, participants left with a renewed sense of belonging and a commitment to creating positive change within their communities.
UCC's CBVI program continues to be an exemplary model for proactive community engagement, demonstrating that by working together, we can create meaningful and sustainable change in the fight against violence.

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