UCC Anger Management Workshop

A multi-day anger management seminar hosted this month by United Community Corporation (UCC) provided a transformative experience for Greater Newark residents who sought to gain control over their emotions and improve their overall well-being. 

The “3-Day Anger Management Workshop,” facilitated by UCC’s Youth, Family and Senior Services Department, provided a class comprised of teenagers and young adults with valuable tools and techniques to manage anger in healthy and constructive ways. Through a combination of interactive sessions, group discussions, and practical exercises held at the Westside Park Community Center in Newark, the 20 attendees learned how to identify triggers, regulate emotions, and develop effective communication skills. 

“The participants were able to express their angry feelings while others were available to support, empathize, provide feedback, and role-play problematic conflicts,” said Tracy Davis, executive director of TLC Hopeful Minds, who partnered with UCC for the seminar. “Learning good coping mechanisms and behavioral practices in the safety of a group gave the participants greater confidence that they could enact new conflict resolution in real-world situations. I am confident that each participant walked away with the positive effects of tolerance and de-escalating techniques, generating a significant load of momentum and a feeling of personal empowerment.” 

Working in tandem with the counseling professionals for the seminar were members of UCC’s Community-Based Violence Intervention (CBVI) Program, which is designed to provide services to teens and young adults that were convicted of violence, victims of violence and are considered at risk of being involved with violence. 


“The workshop equipped participants with the essential tools to manage anger effectively, highlighting the urgent need for further workshops to support emotional well-being in this demographic,” said Rhonda Battle, a CBVI life skills coordinator and case manager at UCC. 

Throughout the workshop, participants gained valuable insights into the underlying causes of anger and explored strategies for resolving conflicts in a peaceful and productive manner. Upon completion of what officials noted was a successful multi-day seminar, Battle said plans are underway to launch an additional anger manager workshop series to empower more individuals and foster a healthier community. 

When it comes to building up a healthier community, UCC staff members understand the impact that anger management can have on one’s mental and physical well-being. In fact, uncontrolled anger can have serious, detrimental effects on one’s health. This includes increased anxiety, high blood pressure and headaches. 

While anger can be a powerful emotion that any individual experiences at a given moment, it can also help one better understand their feelings and offers an opportunity for self-reflection. 

“Anger is a secondary emotion, and the youth learned through the anger management workshop that beneath their anger are hurt feelings,” said Curtis Moore, director for the Youth Advocate Program. “How do I know they learned it? Because they won't stop talking to me about it. It's like they have learned the secret to being happy in life.” 

The success of the anger management workshop, UCC officials said, is a testament to the nonprofit’s mission to equip individuals in the community with the resources they need to be self-sufficient. By providing accessible services and support, the agency continues to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and families in Greater Newark. 

The seminar was made possible by the support of Amerigroup, New Jersey Office of the Attorney General, TLC Hopeful Minds, Essex County and Newark Centers of Hope. 

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