Amerigroup New Jersey provides $230,000 to community organizations across the state

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Amerigroup New Jersey, a managed health care and health insurance provider for low-income residents, has provided over $230,000 to dozens of organizations across the state. The focus of the grants was to help groups working to address hunger, health education, medical assistance and health care access. The group also sought to promote “overall empowerment” across the state, according to a news release.

Teresa Hursey, the president of Amerigroup New Jersey Medicaid Plan, said these grants would ensure low-income New Jersey residents have their critical needs met.

“Our mission is to ensure that low-income residents have access to vitally needed resources,” Hursey said in the news release. “These awards have already impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in New Jersey.”

Amerigroup New Jersey’s hunger-focused donations included grants that awarded $10,000 each to the Center for United Methodist Aid to the Community and the Communities Affairs and Resource Center; $33,500 to the Community Foodbank of New Jersey; and $30,000 to Tomchei Shabbos based in Lakewood, Ocean County.

Grants designed to promote health care access include $10,000 each to the Hatzolah, a volunteer first-responder organization, and Lev Rochel Bikur Cholim, both in Lakewood; the Misameach volunteer organization for helping hospitalized children or adults with disabilities; and the Trinitas Health Foundation. For community uplift, Amerigroup donated $15,000 to Shoe for Your Soul, $12,500 to the Special Olympics and $15,600 to the United Community Corporation.

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