UCC's 4th Community Refrigerator

The United Community Corporation just put out its fourth community refrigerator in Newark. It is filled with food items from all the basic food groups. As the cost of necessities like food continues to rise, the group says these outdoor pantries are necessary.
La Casa de Don Pedro on Broadway in Newark is the newest location for a community fridge. When it was first installed, the initial plan was to fill it every other day. But because of the immense need in the community, organizers say this is the third time it is being stocked in four days. That schedule will likely change.
“We're going to be putting this on a delivery schedule of probably once a day for six days out of the week and we've asked the community to help us identify when the fridge and pantry are empty,” says Craig Mainor, with United Community Corporation.
Organizations like United Community Corporation and La Casa de Don Pedro are partnering up to combat food insecurity in Black and brown neighborhoods amid inflation. They say in the communities they serve price hikes on necessities are more impactful than they are in affluent communities.
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